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As the JM Academy is in partnership with UniSA, students of the JM Academy will be enrolled as full registered students of UniSA. This means being able to access all the resources of UniSA in the same way as students attending any of their other campuses, including student support services.


The difference for JM Academy students is that they attend our dedicated Mount Gambier campus and all teaching is delivered by JM Academy staff.

Another benefit of the JM Academy being a partner of UniSA is being able to apply for HECS-HELP to cover your tuition fees.


What is HECS and HELP?


As a student enrolled at UniSA and attending the JM Academy, you have what is known as a 'Commonwealth Supported Place'. This means that the Federal Government provide a large part of your course fee without charge to you. Apart from this assistance, there is a 'Student Contribution' to be paid.


HECS-HELP is a student loan available to eligible students enrolled in Commonwealth supported places to fund their student contribution. (Generally only Australian citizens are eligible).


HELP stands for Higher Education Loan Program.


HELP was previously known as HECS, which stands for Higher Education Contribution Scheme.


If you receive a HECS-HELP loan, the Australian Government pays your student contribution fee directly to UniSA on your behalf.


Peter Nielsen


Program Director


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