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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to pay to attend JMA?


As a student enrolled at UniSA and attending the JM Academy, you have what is known as a 'Commonwealth Supported Place'. This means that the Federal Government provide a large part of your course fee without charge to you. Apart from this assistance, there is a 'Student Contribution' to be paid. As a guide, your student contribution will be around $6,500.00 per year. If you are eligible (an Australian Citizen), you can apply for HECS-HELP to cover your Student Contribution. To find out more about HECS-HELP click the button.

Will there be one-on-one lessons on my instrument?


Yes - but there's much more to it than that. The answer to this question is one of James' philosophical innovations in music education. To find out more - click the button

Will there be tours for Academy bands?


Yes, we tour our Jazz Orchestra every year. We have also taken the entire student body to festivals to perform. There will be opportunities for selected students to do professional gigs with some of our incredible faculty (including James Morrison) throughout the year. Jazz is a performing art, so we are always looking for chances for our students to do real performances.

Will I need a computer?


Yes. We will supply you with a licensed copy of music software for your use while you are studying at the JM Academy. We have some computers available at the Academy for research etc but you will need a personal computer (laptop) to be able to work on assignments at home and in class. This can be any type (brand) but we would recommend an Apple if you are going to get a computer.

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