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The Course

In 2021, the JM Academy will offer entry into two programs:


*Diploma of Music (1 year)

*Bachelor of Arts Honours (1 year)


Our Diploma of Music program currently offered at JMA is delivered in a full-time, on campus mode. Partial external study can apply to the Honours Degree. 
How it works


Undergraduate students can enrol into the Diploma Program. Although we are not currently accepting applicants for our Bachelor Degree, this diploma is designed as a 'nested' program and credit may be given towards a degree. 

Students who have completed a Bachelor Degree may be eligible for entry into an Honours Degree.

Honours Degree

Our Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree can be undertaken in one of two ways, either as individual study, or as part of the JMA Honours Ensemble.

The JMA Honours Ensemble is a unique way to complete an Honours Degree. Members of this ensemble will tour to the USA and visit the Herbie Hancock Institute in LA and the Juilliard School in New York, with other possible collaborations to be announced. JMA has an association with the Juilliard School where Wynton Marsalis directs the jazz program and our students collaborate with their Juilliard counterparts, creating new works to be performed both in New York and in Australia. In 2017 a contingent from Juilliard visited JMA in Mount Gambier and interacted with all of our students, through performances, classes and workshops. Our Ensemble performed at International Jazz Day and also Generations in Jazz, as well as taking part in a number of professional gigs with Faculty.


In 2nd Semester the ensemble creates a substantial tour; booking the gigs, handling contracts, doing a tour budget, organising all logistics (transport and accommodation), procuring sponsors and writing and rehearsing all material. This is extremely valuable real-world study put into practice, where the students conduct a commercially viable tour with the guidance of our faculty.

The final component of the Honours Ensemble Degree is to create a recording of the ensemble repertoire. This includes all planning, recording, creation of art work and liner notes and managing final production of a CD.

Individual Study refers to a more academic approach, focused on research and writing an exegesis, as well as producing various musical outcomes. This can be centred on a variety of subject matter, decided in consultation with our Director of Studies and approved by UniSA. Whilst completing an Honours Degree, students can continue working on their jazz playing by participating in Big Band and Integrated learning classes (Impro) at JMA. 

In addition to the above, students completing their Honours Degree in Mount Gambier have the opportunity to be part of the JMA 'Graduate Ensemble'. This ensemble will play repertoire created by the members of the group and other Honours students, as well as standard repertoire. Regular rehearsals and tutorials are conducted by JMA Faculty and the ensemble will have performance opportunities throughout the year.

As the James Morrison Academy is in partnership with UniSA, students of JMA are enrolled as full registered students of UniSA. This means being able to access all the recources of UniSA in the same way as students attending their many other courses, including student support services.


Although these are all UniSA programs, all education is delivered by the James Morrison Academy of Music in Mount Gambier and all course material and faculty are chosen by James Morrison and the JMA Board. 

What Classes Will I be Doing?


The emphasis is always on playing and in most classes, you'll have your instrument in your hands.


Click the button to get the full details from UniSA on course units and more.

Course Dates for 2020

February 28th 


Orientation Day

March 2nd - Apr 17th 


Semester 1 (Term 1)

April 18th - May 3rd


Mid Semester Break

May 4th - June 19th 


Semester 1 (Term 2)

June 20th - Aug 2nd


Mid Year Break

Aug 3rd - Sept 11th 


Semester 2 (Term 1)

Sept 12th - Sept 27th 


Mid Semester Break

Sept 28th - Nov 20th 


Semester 2 (Term 2)

November 19th


Valediction 2020

End of Year Concert

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