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We know it would be daunting to find somewhere to live in a new town, especially when you have specific needs - a rental term that matches your study year, the ability to practice, will the landlord be happy to rent to groups of students? Etc etc.


So we have a system in place to assist you with your accommodation while you are studying at JMA.


We have arranged with a number of agents and landlords in Mount Gambier to supply the right kind of properties, they know our course dates and are happy to rent to students.   


Here's how it works: -


Our students live in shared houses (usually 3 to 4 people per house) and each pay between $90 to $130 per week. The average price is $110 per week and being a regional city, other living expenses are also usually less than in capital cities. As a guide, students can live on $60 to $80 per week for food etc. with this kind of shared accommodation.


Once you are enrolled, you will be contacted by our student liaison who will find out any preferences you have regarding accommodation - are there other students you know and would like to share with? What price range suits you best? Do you have any special requirements (easy access etc)? Then we allocate students to houses and put you directly in touch with the agent or landlord and your housemates. You will then enter into a normal residential lease directly with the landlord or agent.


Although nearly all students are 18 or older, we understand that many may be moving out of home for the first time and we have a support system in place to help with any challenges that may arise. 






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