Welcome to the James Morrison Academy of Music @UniSA, the most innovative and exciting place to undertake jazz studies in Australia. 


We offer a unique experience to aspiring musicians where they can work with some of the finest jazz educators in the world. This is performance-based education at its best, where students don’t just learn about music – they learn how to make music.

Pursue your passion with our one year Diploma course in Jazz. Already have a Degree? Explore our Post Graduate program.


The James Morrison Academy of Music exists to help people follow their passion to make Jazz music. If you, one of your friends, or one of your students is interested in attending in 2020, simply click on the 'Apply Now' button below.



Our one year diploma course is a perfect choice for anyone who loves Jazz. Whether you're not sure yet that music will be your career, or you're single-minded in pursuing your goal – it offers the chance to explore the highest levels of jazz performance and play with the very best players - leaving you with a life-long passion. If you are wanting to pursue a Degree in music this course is also the ideal foundation.

We also offer a variety of Post Graduate study options, with unique opportunities for creating a career as a jazz musician.

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Our admissions process is by audition, and while our courses include all of the academic rigour you would expect, an applicant’s musical skills are more important than any specific high school results.


Semester Two Underway

We have already had a big start to the second half of the year with a Jazz Orchestra made up of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students touring for 12 days throughout Victoria and NSW. Our senior Jazz Orchestra will be recording an album with James Morrison at the Jazz Lab in Melbourne in October. 

Guest Faculty


The amazing Judy Bailey has been with us recently for a return visit and Tony Gould has joined the faculty for several weeks. In addition we've had James Sherlock and Gordon Rytmeister taking regular classes. Apart from the opportunity to have such great guests, our full time faculty still consist of some of the best jazz educators you'll find anywhere.  

20th November 2019


20th November 2019

End of Year Concert

5th - 19th November

Bachelor Recitals





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