After six amazing years we have for the first time, no new student intake in 2021. Unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic, the tertiary education landscape has changed dramatically this year and we have not been allocated any Diploma or Bachelor seats for 2021. This did not affect our current students, who will be completing their bachelor degrees this year as planned. We also have a small number of private students, who are studying with us (both under-graduate and post-graduate).
It was very sad to have to turn away all those who wanted to begin new studies with us at JMA, but this situation is out of our control and we are aware that there are many people who have suffered greatly due to the pandemic, so we are just grateful to be able to continue in whatever way we can.     
Many people have asked when we might be taking in students again - as so much is uncertain in these troubled times, all I can say is, my desire to pass on my love of jazz is undiminished and our fantastic faculty are as committed as ever to sharing their knowledge and passion - we will see where the journey leads us next and I'll certainly let everyone know when there are any developments.
                                                                                                                             James Morrison 



A Spontaneous Valediction!


There we were, November 18th, just one day before our Valediction ceremony and end of year concert - not to mention the big last night of Bachelor recitals...and suddenly it was all cancelled! As it has so many times this year all over the world, the Covid Pandemic threw everything into disarray. South Australia was given 12 hours before beginning the most stringent lockdown Australia has seen.  


Students and faculty who lived interstate would be stranded in Mount Gambier, some with rental properties they had to vacate. Parents were travelling in to see the valediction and had to turn around immediately or risk being stuck away from home and work. It seemed that there would be no end of year celebrations - so we made a quick decision and gave students four hours to be dressed up and back at the academy for an impromptu valediction. We presented all our awards and acknowledged the amazing work of our students in what had to be the most difficult year in our short history. 

Thank you to all for your good spirits and willingness to make the most of the situation. 

Course Dates for 2021

February 26th 


Orientation Day

March 1st - Apr 9th 


Semester 1 (Term 1)

April 10th - April 26th


Mid Semester Break

April 27th - June 11th 


Semester 1 (Term 2)

June 12th - Aug 1st


Mid Year Break

Aug 2nd - Sept 10th 


Semester 2 (Term 1)

Sept 11th - Sept 26th 


Mid Semester Break

Sept 27th - Nov 12th 


Semester 2 (Term 2)

November 11th


Valediction 2021

End of Year Concert


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